Survey: 40% of Americans Say CBD Should Be Sold OTC

Survey: 40% of Americans Say CBD Should Be Sold OTC

One-third of all Gallup Poll respondents now say that CBD has “lots of benefits,” while 4-in-10 Americans saying it should be sold over-the-counter.

With legalization efforts underway across the US, public support for CBD products has continued to surge. A related Gallup Poll found that 86% of Americans supported legal marijuana due to medical benefits. The increasingly positive polling results have been consistent over more than three years as medical research, investments and legislation continues to push forward in response to response from the customer and constituent demand.

Americans see the benefits of CBD products. Combined, educational efforts and medical research spur the kind of awareness and activism that are already leading to legalization efforts. New data proves that prohibition and regulation efforts are no longer acceptable or warranted.

The trend toward greater familiarity and acceptance of CBD products jumps out more in the young adult (18-29) demographic, but awareness is on the increase across all age groups. The widespread support of CBD products, as demonstrated by the continued uptick of polling results, continues to put pressure on the FDA and Congressional oversight.

The increasing acceptance of the CBD products also adds ammunition to the push by investors to force the FDA to take action.

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